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Just another visualization of COVID-19 data


What it is

Here you can find visualizations of the COVID-19 infections, deaths and recoverings worldwide. It is based on the data of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering 1. It is just another kind of visualization, and fore, sure, there are better ones out there!

Anyway, on the left side, under "Countries" you'll find a page for every country which ist listed in the data. These pages contains several sections:

  • Infections: First graph is the total number of infections over time
  • Growths of infections: Absolute values of increases / decreases of infections, compared to the day before
  • Deaths: Absolute number of deaths caused by COVID-19
  • Growths of Deaths: Absolute values of increases / decreases of deaths, compared to the day before
  • Recovered: Absolute number of recovered over time
  • Growths Recovered: Absolute values of increases / decreases of recovered, compared to the day before
  • Table: A table with the date, the three values (infections, death, recovered) and a quotient which is calculated: (deaths + recovered) / infections
  • Quotient: A graph which visualizes the quotient from the table above

About the Recovered Data

The data of the recovered numbers was not available for a few days. As there is no notification requirement in many countries, this data is not very reliable!

  1. Data source: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Data (